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Supplement guide

Thumbnail : Supplement guide

Health supplements have become BIG BUSINESS lately. Just take a stroll down any pharmacy or grocery store drug aisle and you’ll get bombarded with pills and potions promising everything from youth to weight loss. Wading through the plethora of options can be daunting.

Adventures in Reality TV; Grand Theft Auto

Thumbnail : Adventures in Reality TV; Grand Theft Auto

Sitting there, waiting for my turn, it was as if I’d been transported back to my 4th grade principal’s office…

And the winner is…

Thumbnail : And the winner is…

First off…thanks to all of you who participated in my challenge.  I hope you learned some new things on the way or at least got a chance to refresh your minds about how to jumpstart your metabolism and get your butt into high gear!!!
A big congrats goes to Sara Quick for losing 3.13% of her [...]

Eat Clean – MariaFIT 30 day health challenge

Thumbnail : Eat Clean – MariaFIT 30 day health challenge

EAT CLEAN: Inspiration for week 3.
Mother Nature isn’t dumb. Seriously, she’s not. Everything we need to survive and be healthy can be found in nature……or on the OUTSKIRTS of the grocery store. Here’s what I mean…
Food companies know how obsessed we are with being healthy. They also know how confused we [...]

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